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          1、Recently, the problem of … has aroused people‘s concern. 最近,……問題已引起人們的關注.

          2、The Internet has been playing an increasingly important role in our day-to-day life. It has brought a lot of benefits but has created some serious problems as well.


          3、Nowadays, (overpopulation) has become a problem we have to face.


          4、It is commonly believed that … / It is a common belief that … 人們一般認為……

          5、Many people insist that … 很多人堅持認為……

          6、With the development of science and technology, more and more people believe that…


          7、A lot of people seem to think that … 很多人似乎認為……

          8、People‘s views on … vary from person to person. Some hold that …. However, others believe that….人們對……的觀點因人而異.有些人認為……,然而其他人卻認為……

          9、People may have different opinions on …人們對……可能會有不同的見解.

          10、Attitudes towards (drugs) vary from person to person.人們對待吸毒的態度因人而異.

          11、There are different opinions among people as to …關于……,人們的觀點大不相同.

          12、Different people hold different attitudes toward (failure). 對(失敗)人們的態度各不相同。


          an increasing number of people are beginning to realize that education is not complete with graduation.越來越多的人開始意識到教育不能隨著畢業而結束。

          in fact, we have to admit the fact that the quality of life is as important as life itself.事實上,我們必須承認生命的質量和生命本身一樣重要。

          in the last decades, advances in medical technology have made it possible for people to live longer than in the past.在過去的幾十年,先進的醫療技術已經使得人們比過去活得時間更長成為可能。

          in view of the seriousness of this problem, effective measures should be taken before things get worse.考慮到問題的嚴重性,在事態進一步惡化之前,必須采取有效的措施。it is indisputable that there are millions of people who still have a miserable life and have to face the dangers of starvation and exposure.無可爭辯,現在有成千上萬的人仍過著挨餓受凍的痛苦生活。

          many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a person’s physical fitness.許多專家指出體育鍛煉直接有助于身體健康

          many experts point out that physical exercise contributes directly to a person’s physical fitness.許多專家指出體育鍛煉直接有助于身體健康。

          no invention has received more praise and abuse than internet.沒有一項發明像互聯網一樣同時受到如此多的贊揚和批評

          no one can deny the fact that a person’s education is the most important aspect of his life.沒有人能否認:教育是人生最重要的一方面。

          people equate success in life with the ability of operating computer.人們把會使用計算機與人生成功相提并論。

          people seem to fail to take into account the fact that education does not end with graduation.人們似乎忽視了教育不應該隨著畢業而結束這一事實。

          proper measures must be taken to limit the number of foreign tourists and the great efforts should be made to protect local environment and history from the harmful effects of international tourism.應該采取適當的措施限制外國旅游者的數量,努力保護當地環境和歷史不受國際旅游業的不利影響。


          1.Some friends come and go like a season.Others are arranged in our lives for good reason.(Sharita Gadison)一些朋友隨季節離去,而另外一些則伴我們度過美好的季節.

          2.A true friend is someone you can disagree with and still remain friends.

          For if not,they weren't true friends in the first place.(Sandy Ratliff)真朋友是可以與你有不同見解的,如果不是,首先就不是真朋友.

          3.True friendship is felt,not said.(Mariecris Madayag)朋友是說不出的感覺.

          4.Friends are like stars,you don't always see them,but you know they're always there.(Hulali Luta)朋友是感覺不到的存在.

          5.Memories last forever,never do they die.Friends stay together,never say goodbye.(Melina Campos)記憶永不死,朋友永不說再見.

          6.Early to bed and early to rise ,makes a man healthy ,wealthy and wise.(Benjamin Franklin ,American president )早睡早起會使人健康、富有和聰明.

          7.Better be unborn than untaught ,for ignorance is the root of misfortune.(Plato ,Ancient Greek philosopher)與其不受教育,不如不生,因為無知是不幸的根源.

          8.A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight.(P.B.Shelley ,British poet )偉大的詩篇即是永遠噴出智慧和歡欣之水的噴泉.

          9.Memories last forever,never do they die.Friends stay together,never say goodbye.(Melina Campos)記憶永不死,朋友永不說再見.

          10.Art is a lie that tells the truth.( Picasso ,Spanish painter )美術是揭示真理的謊言.


          Good morning , ladies and gentlemen ,

          Some of us are having problems with our parents , as they often look into our school bags or read our diaries . I fully understand why we are not comfortable about it , but there’s no need to feel too sad. Our parents are checking our bags or diaries to make sure we are not getting into any trouble . They have probably heard some horrible stories about other kids and thought we might do the same . Or perhaps they just want to connect with us but are doing it all wrong . My suggestion is : Tell them we want them to trust us as much as we’d like to trust them .If you don’t think you can talk to them , write them a letter and leave it lying around ---they are bound to read it .

          Thank you!


          Spring is tht best season of the year. The weather gets warmer and warmer. My clas i'amates and I took a one-day sightseeing around our city.The scene was pretty. But when we saw the rivers along our city, I felt very sorry, and thoughit a lot.

          With the development of modern agriculture and industry, more and more waste water is being poured into rivers. It has caused serious pollution. The river is becoming so dirty that no living things can live in it. The river is giving off a terrible smell.

          We make an urgent appeal that measures should be taken to cope with the situation. Our government should start building various facilities such as sewage treatment!plant and encourage scientists to work out more and better ways to reduce the pollution of water.

          Water is tho source of our lives. It is very important to protect water.




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